Creating and Paying Employee Payslip

OpenERP is full of features, just we need to find the one we need. Today I will discuss a feature of  “How to create and pay an Employee’s Payslip”

First of all, create a new database and install modules Payroll and Payroll Accounting, Then you need to Define an employee and create its home address as shown below:

Go to Menu: Human Resources / Human Resources / Employees


This will create the employee to be a partner in the system, define this partner as supplier.


Define the receivable and payable account for this employee’s partner.


Now next is to create a contract for the employee including salary structure and salary rules:

Go to menu: Human Resources / Human Resources / Contracts

Note: you can create Salary structure and Salary Rules from here itself or navigate to the Menu: Human Resources / Payroll /Salary Structures and Human Resources / Payroll / Salary Rules.


Create a Salary Expense Journal of type ‘Purchase’


Create Individual accounts for BASIC, NET, GROSS, DEDUCTIONS, ALLOWANCES etc.


Then in the salary rules assign the Debit and Credit accounts as:

All the rules will have there individual accounts created as Debit accounts and Credit account as the Salary expense account.

Go to menu:  Human Resources / Payroll / Salary Rules


Assign Net Salary rule’s Credit account as the partner’s receivable account( that we assigned at the start) as he is liable to receive the net amount. Assign the Debit account as the account created for individual salary rules.


Now we will create a payslip for the employee.

Go to menu: Human Resources / Payroll / Employee Payslips 

After filling the required inputs click on Compute Sheet button  and you will see the sheet is calculated.


Now Click the button Confirm to confirm and generate the accounting entries.


Now we will pay the employee for this navigate thru Menu: Accounting / Suppliers / Supplier Payments

Create new payment and select the employee’s partner, as soon as you select the partner you will a line is added as a payment line with the outstanding amount.


Click button Validate  to generate payment accounting entries.