Database Anonymization

Database Anonymization:

When you are in a live environment you always needs to share your database with someone for many purposes but also wants to be sure that your data should be kept confidential. OpenERP provides you an addon that will let you share your database with anyone without letting your confidential information leaked. The addons is “anonymization” i.e Database Anonymization


How it works ?

It simply replaces the fields data by ‘XXX’ characters and when you reverse the anonymization process it will replace the ‘XXX’ by the original content.
i.e Two process to follow.

1: Convert Normal Data ———> Anonymized data(XXX pattern)
2: Convert Anonymized data(XXX pattern) ———> Normal Data (reverse process)
First install ‘anonymization’ addon in your database . you will see three menus created under ‘Settings’ main menu

Settings/Database anonymization
Settings/Database anonymization/Anonymization History
Settings/Database anonymization/Anonymize database
Settings/Database anonymization/Anonymized Fields

1: Convert Normal Data ———> Anonymized data(XXX pattern)

So first you need to define the fields whose value you need to keep it as secret by going through the menu “Settings/Database anonymization/Anonymized Fields” after you finished defining the fields just go to the menu “Settings/Database anonymization/Anonymize database” i.e you will find a wizard ‘Anonymize database‘ to execute the operation. Before executing the anonymization process, you should make a backup of your and execute that wizard(wizard) you will see a button ‘Anonymize database‘ on the wizard, click the button and wait for few minutes… after the process is completed successfully you will have a wizard poped to save the result files. Don’t forget to save the resulting file to a safe place because you will not be able to revert the anonymization without this file. This file is also stored in the for eg: /home/nch directory. The absolute file path is: /home/nch/field_anonymization_functional_3.pickle

Anonymize _fields



So after this your values in the database will look something like this


2: Convert Anonymized data(XXX pattern) ———> Normal Data (reverse process)

To get your anonymized data back to normal values just re-execute the wizard “Anonymize database” and select the file from the path for eg:
/home/nch/field_anonymization_functional_3.pickle and click the button ‘Reverse the Database Anonymization’. after the operation is successfully executed you will receive the data back to normal values.


To see the History of these 2 steps performed you can check it through the menu ‘Settings/Database anonymization/Anonymization History’




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