Automatic Lead creation in OpenERP 6.1



Lets first see what is LEAD ?


A lead represents a potential customer with whom you have not established a relationship yet. Usually a lead contains valuable information to realise future sales opportunities. However, the most common mistake is that such key information too often gets lost, because it is registered nowhere. And even when registered, it might still be difficult to track any activity for that lead, because the information is not at hand when you need it.

There are many companies / firm that needs to have such feature running in their sales department. Here I would like to discuss about how you can automatically manage your leads in OpenERP.

First create a database. Install Fetchmail module in your database to configure Incoming mail server. After installing fetchmail Install crm to manage leads.


Now go to Settings–>Configuration–>Email


Click on:Incoming Mail Servers and click New.


Enter the parameters for the Incoming server: Refer Screenshot


Incoming mail server



Note: Field Create a New Record: This is the field where you need to specify a model for which you want your incoming mail to create a new record. Rest fields are self explanatory.

Now click Test and Confirm button to test the connection. Additionally you can click Fetch Now button to fetch new incoming mails.

You can also check all the mails that are read by clicking on Messages on right side bar.

So to check whether your leads are generated or not go to Sales –>Sales–>Leads


you will see list of all new incoming mails generated as a lead (refer screenshot). So now you can directly work on them and get free from all your worries.




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